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cardboard platform inside plastic box

Retzuous used as a clamp


A clever customer showed me this trick for how to keep tefillin from bending on the bottom. Although some tefillin will never bend due to their great strength, other tefillin have a tendency to bend (especially in humid environments and when worn by people who perspire). Take a small piece of cardboard and cut it to the shape of the plastic tefillin box. the thickness of the cardboard should be about the same as two quarters, one on top of the other. The cardboard fills up only about half of the plastic box. Now when you put your tefillin in the box and wrap them up as shown in the picture, you have made a simple clamp. That clamping action may be enough to keep your tefillin from bending further. If your tefillin already have a substantial bend in them, send them in and I will heat press them. After they are straight, you can use this clamp to keep them that way. Any questions? As Always call me at 845-290-2546.

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