Battim Mehudaros

Battim Mehudaros are quality gassos battim at a reasonable price. This set inludes asel yad and shel rosh.

Depending on availability battim may be from either Maalin Bakodesh or Muzikant.

Gassos battim are the preferred battim for tefillin because of their strength, quality, and strict adherence to halacha.


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Battim Mehudaros:

Battim Mehudaros are good basic gassos tefillin battim. This set includes shel yad, shel rosh and protective storage boxes. Gassos battim are the preferred battim for tefillin because of their strength, quality, and strict adherence to halacha.


Why My Least Expensive Battim Are More Expensive Than Some Online Seller’s Most Expensive Battim?

It’s true that gassos tefillin battim are available for less than $475 but I have seen enough problems with less expensive battim that I decided not to sell them.  The most common problem is that they do not maintain their squareness which is extremely problematic in halacha. Poorly made, weak battim often lose their squareness when the bottom of the battim warp, which in turn exerts uneven pressure on the top of the battim and causes them to become rectangular.  This happens when the battim are constructed from low quality leather, and when the process of drying the hides is done too quickly.  I have also seen battim that had walls that were so thin that they were almost see thru, which defeats the point of buying expensive gassos tefillin battim in the first place. After all, gassos means thick; gassos battim were designed to be strong, not just look like they are strong!  I have also opened up cheap gassos battim and found holes in the various internal walls. Sometimes battim with holes on the inside can still be kosher but since there are many configurations of holes that create real problems in halacha, it’s not worth taking the chance on cheaper Battim that may not even be Kosher let alone sturdy enough to last a lifetime Hashgacha / Rabbinical Supervision Tefillin battim need hashgacha to insure that that are manufactured according to halacha. There are many steps in the process of making tefillin battim and each step has its own particular pitfalls. The Rav Hamachshir, Hagon, Reb Moshe Shaul Klein has been supervising battim making and other aspects of tefillin manufacturing for many years. He is a Dayan in the Bais Din Hora’ah of Zichron Meir, His hashgacha is why I trust in the kashrus of these battim.

What’s Included?

Includes shel yad, shel rosh and protective storage boxes. Parshios are not included. This listing is for battim by themselves. Check out the Complete Tefillin Sets section for ready to purchase tefillin sets that already have all of the necessary components. Check out the extensive Parshios section for lots of parshios options.

How do I take care of Tefillin Battim?

Without a doubt, the most important part of tefillin care is keeping them dry. Don’t wear tefillin if your hair is wet. If the battim get any moisture on them let them dry out with the bottoms facing up for many hours before putting them back in their protective plastic boxes. When you put on and take off your tefillin, stand over a table so that if they drop, they will land on the table. This will keep any damage to a minimum. Put your tefillin back into their protective plastic boxes very gently. Don’t bang the corners of the tefillin on the plastic boxes.

Size: These battim range in size from 32 to 35 millimeters. The majority are either 33 or 34 millimeters. Smaller sizes are available upon request. The size is for the top portion of the battim.

The total length of the battim is typically in the 66 to 69 millimeter range.

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