Kal Kanesher Wool Tallis NON SLIP

This is a light weight tallis. It has the same fringes, lining, and thick strings as the Tallis Hamefoar but the fabric is thinner (see picture in gallery comparing the two fabrics). This is what you want when the temperature is really high or if you travel and you don’t want to take up extra space. Otherwise you might like the heavier cut of wool that the Tallis Hamefoar is woven from. On the other hand, some people prefer all of the time to have a tallis which is less noticeable.  Rest assured that light weight does not mean short on features. You can see how the fringes are the same in the picture that compares them side by side. They both come with lining and a side band. The corners feel as reinforced and solid in the light weight tallis as in the full weight version.


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#55 (51" x 68")m, #60 (55" x 68"), #63 (63" x 68"), #70(59" x 68"), #80(67" x 68")

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