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Deluxe Wool Non Slip Tallis Hamefoar Ashkenaz

The Tallis Hamefoar is a full weight tallis. It feels good and solid. You can see in the picture comparing the fabric of the Tallis Hamefoar Full Weight and the Kal Kanesher Lightweight Tallis that the fabric on the bottom is thicker and heavier. You can see from the picture comparing the fringes of the two tallisim that they are both identical, the full weight Tallis Hamefoar and the Kal Kanesher.


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Deluxe Wool Non Slip Tallis Hamefoar Features:

The Deluxe Ashkenaz Tallis HaMefoar prayer shawl features a pure wool non slip fabric. The unique weave pattern is just slightly rough. This keeps the tallis from slipping while you are wearing it so you can focus on your davening! It’s our best non slip tallis. Its wool is heavier and more substantial feeling than our lightweight tallisim. It feels good and solid when you are wearing it.

This prayer shawl includes lining and corner reinforcements.  The reinforced wool corners integrate perfectly into the main body of the tallis. We decorated the fringes with a double knot which adds a really nice finishing touch.
A white cotton lining sewn on the inside upper part of the tallis keeps dirt and sweat off of the wool and makes it more comfortable to wear. Also included are reinforced side bands on both ends of the atara which increases the lifespan of the tallis.

Size Guide For Wool Non Slip Tallis


Height of person Size Item # Actual Measurment
5’2” – 5’4” Extra Small 55 51” x 72”     130 cm x 183 cm
5’5” – 5’7” Small 60 55” x 72     140 cm x 183 cm
5’8” – 5’10” Medium 70 60” x 72”     152.5 cm x 183 cm
5’11” – 6’ Large 63 63” x 72”     160 cm x 183 cm
6’1 – 6’2” Extra Large 80 67” x 72”     170 cm x 183 cm
6’3” + 2XL 90 71” x 72”     180 cm x 183 cm


Material 100% Wool
Model/Style TWHD
Lining Included
Sideband Included

Types Of Tzitzit Strings

You can choose no strings with your tallis but you should only do this if you are planing on putting on strings yourself. Otherwise you should choose one of the five types of strings that I offer.

Avodas Yad Thick are hand made strings that are thick.

Menupatz Lishma Tzitzit (also called niputz) are strings made from wool that has been brushed by hand for the purpose of making tzitzit. Check out this video  to see what it looks like to hand card wool: Wool Processing For Tzitzit. Seventeen seconds into the video you will see some boys doing the process of niputz.  You will see that it is quite a delicate process, and one that is clearly an integral part  of turning raw wool into fine strings. In terms of halacha, the more integral a process is, the greater an argument can be made that it must be done by hand in order to insure that it was done with intention since machines can’t have intention. I offer thin menupatz lishmah strings and thick menupatz lishmah strings. I recommend the thick strings because they last longer and look nicer.

Ptil Techelet Strings are made with techeles (blue dye) from the murex trunculus. Two methods of tying tzitzit with techeles are offered: Rambam and Raavad. They are both valid methods. Many other methods of tying techeles are available. If you are interested in one of those other methods, please contact me and we can set up a custom order.

Tallis Bags

Please check out my extensive collection of leather tallis and tefillin bags for a beautiful and functional way to store your new tallis.



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