Used Sefer Torah For Sale

This is a very nice used Sefer Torah. It is in excellent condition with strong black lines and hood taggim. It is approximately eighty years old and will be completely checked over and all repairs made by me. It has already been computer scanned. It comes with new Eitz Chaim. The ksav (writing style) is Ari. The height of the klaf is 22 inches (59 cm). It is not a heavy sefer torah so finding people for hagbah will not be a problem. From parshas chukas and on, it is written by a different sofer, in a ksav which is so similar to the first part that it wouldn’t be obvious that it is written by two soferim unless you studied the writing carefully (in fact, the original owner was of the opinion that it was written by one sofer until I pointed out some small differences). This is a sefer torah that has many decades of use ahead of it. The total cost is $18,500 excluding a mantel and shipping. The picture below is the first of a series that I will post so you can get a good idea of what it looks like in various parts of the sefer.



  1. About How old is it? And how do we know the safer is written Lishmah?

    1. Melech Michaels
      Wed, Dec 30, 12:03 PM (21 hours ago)
      to Meyer

      It’s pre ww2. It’s pretty much impossible to know that the sofer wrote lishma, but that’s true even for new Sefrei Torah to some extent (for example, even if someone is absolutely trustworthy when he says that before he wrote the ב of בראשית that he said הריני כותב לשם קדושת ספר תורה which suffices for the whole sefer, do we have that same level of trust that he wrote every שם ה’ לשם קדושת ה? You can’t just be מקדש the שמות at the beginning, rather, each שם needs specific כוונה). For that matter how can I know that he didn’t make one אות with חק תוכות, or in tefillin and mezuzos that the sofer didn’t write שלא כסדרן? These are all good points and the more we know about a sofer the better but if the budget doesn’t allow for a new sefer, then by all appearances this is a good sefer that will last a long time. Also, there is an ענין to not let usable STaM go to גניזה. Reb Avraham Tzvi Wosner has told me that we don’t have to be חושש for more than what we can see with our eyes unless we have information indicating that there is a problem. One more important point: there are prewar sefrei torah from Lithuania that are not reliable as far as kashrus and they have certain סימנים that I am familiar with. This sefer torah has none of these סימנים and I would not sell such a sefer torah at all.

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